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Animal Boarding Services in Boothwyn, PA

Safe, Supervised Space for Your Furry Family Members

Are you heading away for a few days on a business trip? Taking two weeks off for a family vacation? Not sure what you’re going to do with Fido when you’re away? If you live in or near Boothwyn, PA, bring your dogs to Conchester Animal Hospital for top-quality animal boarding services!

We are already the local veterinary center that you trust with all the medical needs of your furry family members. Why not make us your first choice for canine boarding, too? We would be so happy to get a chance to show your pet a comfortable home away from home.

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Behavioral Boarding Requirements for Dogs

Conchester Animal Hospital only boards dogs that are 100% people-friendly. For the safety of our staff and the other pets we board, we reserve the right to refuse boarding services based on a dog’s temperament or health condition.

Vaccine Requirements for Boarding

We only board dogs who meet these vaccination requirements that can be verified by documentation:

  • Rabies: Allowed in facility 24 hours after administration of first dose.
  • Distemper/parvo virus: Allowed in facility 3 weeks after administration of last dose.
  • Bordetella: Allowed in facility 10 days after administration of last dose, but some restrictions may apply.
  • Canine influenza: Allowed in facility 10 days after administration of first dose, but some restrictions may apply.
  • Fecal test: Allowed in facility as long as last test was within 6 months.

Bathing Policies for Boarded Pets

At Conchester Animal Hospital, you can arrange for your pet to be bathed while boarding here. However, all dogs that stay two or more days must be bathed without exception. We are devoted to your pet’s hygiene and comfort, so we offer medicated and hypoallergenic shampoos upon special request and for a nominal fee.

Nutritious Meals for Canine Guests

We include nutritious meals in the cost of our canine boarding services. We have a specialized house diet that is meant to work for all dogs, including those with sensitive stomachs. If your dog has food allergies or must eat unique food that you normally serve at home, please let us know in advance so we can make the proper arrangements. For food that you bring from home, please prepare each meal in the appropriate serving size and store it in separate, sealed Ziploc bags that are marked with your last name. For the safety of our staff and other dogs, we do not permit any pets that are fed a raw food diet only.

Toys & Belongings from Home

Does your dog have a special toy that makes them feel at home? We can accept plastic or rubber personal items to stay with your pet while they are boarded. When you are arranging to have your furry family member boarded at Conchester Animal Hospital, please be sure to ask what can be brought with them.

Belongings that are prohibited include:

  • Bedding
  • Blankets
  • Fabrics
  • Other miscellaneous items
  • Excessive number of rubber or plastic toys

Important Reservation & Cancellation Policies

All animal boarding reservations at Conchester Animal Hospital are first-come, first-serve. We cannot guarantee that there will be space to board your pet when you call, but we will do our best to be accommodating. We strongly recommend that you make an animal boarding reservation as early as possible to help ensure availability.

We’re Excited to Meet Your Furry Family – Call Now

Don’t stress out another minute about what to do about your furry family members when you need to be away for business or pleasure. Just call (610) 510-8887 to talk to a member of Conchester Animal Hospital in Boothwyn about our animal boarding services. We’re sure our safe, supervised space will be perfect for your favorite animal companion!

Our Raving Reviews

  • “The staff at Conchester Animal Hospital are fantastic. Our senior dog has been in their care for almost 2 weeks. The care, love and compassion they showed was heart warming and helped him to recover.”

    - Sarah M.
  • “Always receptive to questions & goes out of their way to help. If you love your animal, go there. All my dogs & granddoggies have gone to Dr. Lombardo & the entire group for many years.”

    - Margie V.
  • “I called for my new puppy. They were able to see us that day. Everyone at the vet office was so nice to us and Zeus. Dr. Trey explained everything to us and didn't do unnecessary tests. They were all warm and caring people.”

    - Averi D.

What Makes Us the Best Choice for Your Pet

  • We Provide Top-Notch Excellent Medical Care
  • Our Staff is Extremely Caring & Supportive
  • We Have Served Our Community Since 1962
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