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If your pet is presenting with a condition that is not easily diagnosed by our routine wellness exams, we offer internal medicine services that can help. Internal medicine involves the treatment of conditions of your pet’s internal systems. At Conchester Animal Hospital, we can diagnose and treat these conditions on-site using our diagnostic capabilities. When your pet’s health is in question, you can trust our Boothwyn veterinary team to investigate your pet’s condition until we have an answer for you.

Conchester Animal Hospital uses the following tools to help diagnose your pet’s conditions:

  • X-rays
  • Ultrasounds
  • Other laboratory tests

Our Boothwyn veterinary team is highly trained in these diagnostic tools, which can be essential for understanding your pet’s health condition.

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One of the easiest things we can do to help diagnose your pet’s condition is bloodwork. This involves taking a sample of blood from your pet, which we strive to make as quick and painless as possible. We’ll use the sample to run a variety of tests depending on what we think might be ailing your pet.

For example, we could run a blood chemistry panel, which screens for conditions like liver disease, kidney disease, and diabetes. A blood chemistry panel will also tell us information about various electrolytes like sodium, potassium, and chloride. This test is a great tool for our veterinary team because it gives a comprehensive look at your pet’s blood.

X-Ray & Ultrasounds

X-rays and ultrasounds are two different forms of radiological imaging that we offer on-site in our Boothwyn veterinary office. X-rays take still images of the solid tissues inside of your pet’s body using a low dose of radiation. Ultrasounds, on the other hand, take real-time images of the soft tissues inside of your pet’s body using high frequency soundwaves. Unlike X-rays, ultrasounds are safe to use on delicate tissues and developing fetuses because it does not utilize any radiation.

Both forms of radiology can be an extremely helpful diagnostic tool in our internal medicine practice here at Conchester Animal Hospital. We are pleased to be able to offer both forms of imaging in-house. This means you’ll get your pet’s results back faster than having to go to another clinic.

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Our Raving Reviews

  • “The staff at Conchester Animal Hospital are fantastic. Our senior dog has been in their care for almost 2 weeks. The care, love and compassion they showed was heart warming and helped him to recover.”

    - Sarah M.
  • “Always receptive to questions & goes out of their way to help. If you love your animal, go there. All my dogs & granddoggies have gone to Dr. Lombardo & the entire group for many years.”

    - Margie V.
  • “I called for my new puppy. They were able to see us that day. Everyone at the vet office was so nice to us and Zeus. Dr. Trey explained everything to us and didn't do unnecessary tests. They were all warm and caring people.”

    - Averi D.

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